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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Electrokinetic coupled Phytotechnology - ElectroHemp

3 Electrokinetic coupled Phytotechnology articles that support the ElectroHemp phytoremediation techniques the team has developed. All Science Papers on Phytoremediation say, " Its Slow " < Therefore to overcome this obstacle and go above and beyond this fault. It only makes sense to speed up things up with something I'm sure Nicola Tesla would approve of with Electrokinetics system that sends low voltage pulses thru water or soil and at the same time helps plants grow bigger faster with higher harvest results. BOOM.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

79 Research Articles on Phytoremediation for Bioenergy

its not Rocket Science its Phyto Science!  79 Research Articles used as a Reference in this Science paper by Helena Gomes.

Phytoremediation for bioenergy: challenges and opportunities

Pages 59-66 | Received 23 Oct 2011, Accepted 20 May 2012, Accepted author version posted online: 24 May 2012, Published online: 25 Jun 2012

  • Electro Hemp Organic Remediation