Saturday, March 19, 2016

In a perfect world - remediation poem

Fukushima >Only thing missing is the bags of nuclear waste that are being stockpiled

Imagine for a moment,
a perfect world.

A perfect world of remediation in which
there was no need for regulatory push,
the PRPs always take the high ground
to clean up sites voluntarily,
and they do not litigate to delay;

A perfect world of remediation in which
the sources can always be found with certainty,
and the contaminant plumes
always self remediate intrinsically
or the presumptive remedy was
indeed the best technology for the site;

A perfect world of remediation in which
the stakeholders’ concerns were
always addressed early and often,
there were economies of scale up,
there was no Valley of Death
and the investors always made enough profits.

Now, wake up,
stop imagining
and look around carefully
remembering that imagining
an ideal world is just an escape,
from the real world.

But, before you despair,
ask yourself how and act to
transform the real world
into the one you just imagined.
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