Sunday, March 20, 2016

ElectroHemp Hazardous Waste Remediation Intro

ElectroHemp BioRad Hazardous Waste Cleanup Introduction

ElectroHemp - BioRad CleanUp
5 Stage Phytoremediation Treatment Train - Removes Heavy Metals from the Soil faster than phytoremediation alone
Fact: 30,000 Superfund Sites in the USA full of toxic substances which have harmful and negative life changing effects on Human, Animals, and the Natural Environment.
1 in 6 Live Near a Hazmat Location
ElectroHemp Introduction Slide

ElectroHemp BioRad CleanUp is a green remediation implementation strategy and process to clean up Hazmat Locations and Superfund sites in the St Louis Region and beyond.

ElectroHemp 5 Stage Treatment Train Image
ElectroHemp Natural and Organic BioRad Hazardous Waste Removal.
  1. Phytoremediation
  2. Electro-Horticulture
  3. Beneficial Soil Microbes
  4. Toxic Eating Micro Fungi
  5. Contain and Detoxify Soil and Water
5 Stage Treatment Train Speeds Up the Toxic Removal Process


  • Grow plants that clean soil and are a source of sustainable biomass energy

  • Utilize Electro-Horticulture to speed up the movement of heavy metals and toxins within the soil

  • Encourage the growth of Microbes and Micro Fungi that aid in eliminating heavy metals and soil toxins

  • Address Water Pollution by containment and filtration

  • Solar PV and Sustainable Biomass resources provide “on-site” energy needs
Electromigration is the forced movement of Heavy Metals in the Soil by Electro-Horticulture
Electromigration is the forced movement of Heavy Metals in the Soil by Electro-Horticulture

KEYS: ElectroHemp directs the heavy metal toxins to a central point where plants phyto-extract the toxins.  Electro-Horticulture increases soil vitality which allows plants to grow bigger, healthier, and cycle more toxins from the soil.

 In the next post the ElectroHemp Team will explain how the 5 stage treatment train- Contains and Controls the harmful nuclear radiation safely.