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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Citizen Science Phytoremediation Research StLouis

Citizen Science Research  Phytoremediation Project

Toxins and Contaminants are removed the Natural Way by using Plants in a process called Phytoremediation.

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Project Location: Lemay Ferry Road 63125 Google Map Location.  Plants used in the phytoremediation system, stop the contaminants from the Automobiles and Buildings along Lemay Ferry Road before they enter River Despair at the bottom of the hill. River Despair flows into the Mississippi River a few miles down stream.
Phytoremediation Citizen Science Map Lemay Ferry Rd River Despair StLouis MO
Phytoremediation Citizen Science Map Lemay Ferry Rd River Despair StLouis MO
Lemay Ferry Road Phytoremediation Citizen Science Research Proj
Natural Contamination Toxin Removal by Phytoremediation
 Scotty Citizen Science Research Phytoremediation Ripparian Buffer Zone Tweet
Scotty Citizen Science Phytoremediation Research Tweet
This is not the only phytoremediation buffer zone in StLouis. I have previously shared the IKEA buffer zone: IKEAs lesser known environmental project and St Louis IKEA Phyto Buffer Zone pt2 

A phytoremediation buffer zone is just what is needed at the Westlake Landfill.

Alex interview with independent media on Republic Services failure to address the nuclear waste that is affecting the People and Environment
Alex Cohen St Louis Public Radio Interview: When Scientist Lie, People Die
I mentioned this situation in the ElectroHemp proposal I submitted to MoDNR and EPA Region 7 while attending the Bidgeton Landfill Community Meeting where I took this popular Google Local Guide photo .

Just recently the Missouri Department of Natural Resources released a document that showed the nuclear contamination traveled from the landfill in the rain storms of 2016.

The Nuclear Waste Contaminants are spreading into the community: 

"Stormwater from just outside the fence line of the West Lake Landfill complex, the dumping ground for Manhattan Project-era radioactive waste, contains a variety of radioactive isotopes, according to test results released late last month by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.
The sampling of stormwater overflow, conducted on April 30 as heavy rains pounded the region, found levels of alpha particle activity that exceed the threshold allowed for drinking water. Uranium, radium and gross beta readings all registered within acceptable limits for drinking water, which the department used as a comparative baseline because of its stringent standards. StLouis Post Dispatch "
Dawn Chapman shared the MODNR latest fings as well:
Dawn Chapman added a photo in West Lake Landfill.
Dawn Chapman
June 30 at 4:44pm
**Important** Radioactive Alpha particles found by the State of MO DNR in Storm Water from this past Spring above safe levels (MCL's)
Storm Water runoff was tested on April 30, 2017 for radioactive particles by the State of MO and the results released confirm that they were found. Levels of gross Alpha particles were above MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level). Now, ONLY after the results came back above MCL, they are going to test for Thorium isotopes. While we are glad the State of MO stepped in to test, it is upsetting that Thorium is still being ignored. For those who are new to this situation, this waste has sat on the surface of the landfill for almost 44 you can only imagine what 43+ years of storm water runoff looks like and where it has all gone. To add insult to injury....EPA CONTINUES to say no rad. waste has left this site! The State of MO's test results do NOT support this conclusion!

"Results for gross alpha exceeded MCLs, and could not be fully attributed to Radium and Uranium results, therefore analysis for isotopic Thorium was ordered. Those results will
be posted when available. All data has been shared with EPA."
**Important** Radioactive Alpha particles found by the State of MO DNR in Storm Water from this past...

Why is this a big deal you may ask? 
The Cancer Clusters of StLouis is the reason.
St Louis Cancer Cluster Map copied from FUSRAP documents
If you would like to learn more about the ongoing catasphrope in StLouis that is killing my neighbors a new film just debuted recently: Atomic Home Front